About Organisation

We are a Nonprofit making organization working for welfare of the society. From its inception, the organization had been in the field of Agriculture based Livelihood through its several Livelihood programs/activities. Since, the society believes strongly that it is through Agricultural that the details and other weaker sections can come to grips with their own rights and claim it legitimately.

We have been successful in our efforts to make the people aware of their rights. The organization is involved in the field of health through the implementation of various successful health programs.

The active involvement of board members as well as general member in the implementation of the programs has further contributed to the development of the organization. However, inability to fully mobilize the Potential of many other members has been seen as a weakness of the organization.



To organize the poor and needy persons, particularly women’s and strive to make them self reliant economically, socially and politically through alternative system. To promote alternate and sustainable livelihoods and contribute reduction of poverty in poverty concentrated areas of U.P. . To propagate ecological agriculture to increase income of small …

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